Sociolinguistic description of Rabaul Creole German

Compared to other empires, the vestiges of German colonialism are rather insignificant: one of its few linguistic consequences is Unserdeutsch or Rabaul Creole German (RCG), which gained fame as the only German-based creole language. It originated as the ‘secret’ language of mixed-raced children lifing in a catholic boarding school in Vunapope (today Papua New Guinea) after 1897 and is de facto extinct today.

Presentations at:
Conference on History, contact and classification of Papuan Languages (February 2012, Amsterdam): download abstract and presentation
Graduate Workshop for German Linguistics (March 2012, Vienna): download presentation (in German)
Annual Conference of the Society for Overseas History (June 2012, Vienna): download abstract and presentation (in German)
Conference of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (January 2013, Boston): download abstract and presentation
Graduate Workshop for German Linguistics (March 2013, Vienna)
Invited talk at the Sprachinselverein (November 2014, Vienna)